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Karthi's story directed by Lokesh Kanagraj is a perfect example of storytelling supported by realistic performances.

Indirect Lokesh Kanagaraj is not just a one-film wonder and he has once again proved his mettle with his second venture Kathy. The film begins with a 10-year-old girl growing up in an orphanage, who impatiently awaits a visitor. The guest is his dad Dili, who has never observed his little girl since he has been in jail for the past decade.

Meanwhile, Bejoy (a brilliant Narayan) busted a drug racket and seized goods worth Rs 800 crore. A gang of smugglers tried to strip the police officers who seized drugs and other weapons. A group of college students are trapped in a police station along with a newly appointed constable.

Well, it may seem that Lokesh Kanagaraj has a lot on his plate, and it is also reminiscent of his debut film Maganagaram, which also has several plotlines. But, Cathy is like peeling a fruit. The deeper you descend, the deeper you become.

When all these stories change at one point, Lokesh uses effective narration. There is no hint of Karthi, the hero, 20 minutes into the story. And throughout the film, no one got a star in 'Kathi'. The characters played by Karthi, Bejoy and Dheena are very human and this is what makes the story interesting.

Kathy is an honest to goodness class film and activity groupings are spellbinding. It gives its massive moments not only to Karti's Dilli but also to the villain. In short, Cathy is a film that lives up to the screenplay and treats her characters with great respect. It states that no actor is superior to another simply because of his stature.

Karthi is very good at Kathy. He is so natural that you can literally see a prisoner going through a difficult time. Whether it is a life-threatening anger or a longing to see his only child, Karti gets everything in the form of Dilli.

It is heartening to see that Narayan is on the back with a display of arrest. It helps us to remember his presentation in Anjathey of Maskin. Dheena's role brings to light a much-needed role for the film and her casual dialogues become a laughingstock even in dire situations.

If Kathi is more on the story, the composer praises Sam C.S.'s stunning background score. Sathian Sorian's cinematography, particularly his play with lights, communicates pressure noticeable all around and hoists every scene.

Kathy is a film that features filmmaking at its best You get a lot of heights during the chase and the sequences fight and are right too.

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