Hotstar is a top notch Indian over-the-top video spilling stage, having a place with a backup of Star India, completely claimed by The Walk Disney Company.  The membership VOD gushing help brand has some extraordinary arrangement, motion pictures and unique features that are highly entertaining.
Best Hotstar web series to watch watch with friends and family

The Hotstar web series hosts a large number of viewers and contains content that is most viewed.

The digital entertainment industry in India has been flourishing over the years and the Hotstar web series has made it big in the space. It began as an online platform streaming Star Plus TV serials, which later began to produce their own originals, giving stiff competition to other OTT players in the market.

Come learn about some amazing Hotstar web series that you can watch with your friends this weekend.

Best Hotstar Web Series to Binge-Watch

Out of love

This Hotstar web series is a good thriller drama which revolves around the life of a character named Meera. He has a good family life and a good career as well as a loving husband. Her loyalty is doubted when she finds lipstick marks and brown hair on her husband's clothes. Meera becomes bedridden day by day but chooses not to express things in public. She estimates every woman related with her loved one and subsequently the plot gets its energizing curves in the street. The show is an adaptation of the BBC series "Doctor Foster" and has all the thrills that one needs. Bite it for mind blowing content.


Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Le 2

Hello 90s kids! The famous Sarabhai vs Sarabhai series is back with a bang. The upper middle class Gujarati families are ready for more clean and crazy comedy. After 11 years, Starr has come up with a serial based on the same star cast and different content in 10 episodes. From the bitter sweet relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to the crazy conversation and confrontation between the father-son duo. Watch more funny episodes later this week.



This popular Hotstar web series is extremely intense and full of drama. This is an honest and acclaimed surgeon, Dr. Meera is based on the story of Anand, who is threatened to kill his patient at the surgery table. His family was taken hostage on this issue and the patient discussed was not the common man but the Chief Minister of the state. It is a multidisciplinary web series, with each member of her family working on various issues and stories of her own.

criminal justice

Criminal Justice is a Mind Blowing Mystery Hotstar web series, with a blockbuster star cast including Vikrant Massey, Pankaj Tripathi and Jackie Shroff. The episode is based on the incident of the murder of the girl who rides home in the cab, who finds her phone remaining in it. He goes back to return the same and ends up sharing a drink and spending the night at her place. In the morning he is found dead and all the evidence points at him but he does not remember a single thing about the previous night. Later the plot becomes more intense and confusing.

Mayanagari - City of Dreams

The political drama Hotstar web series is the story of a powerful political family where the father is shot in a program and goes into a coma. Their two children, a son and a daughter fight against each other for the throne and power. The story is full of serious plots where politics is clearly shown. It revolves around relationships, internal conflicts and family politics. The series can be seen once and is definitely a good one to chill on weekends.

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