Video content has been on a journey to dominate textual content with social media being the prime example. A 2016 Adélie Studio report claimed that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. These figures are 4 years old; Possibly, their number is now even higher.
But this does not mean that you should start posting videos immediately without any strategy. If you do, you will waste a large part of your resources and your social media marketing (SMM) budget.
You need a social mediavideo strategy that brings impressive results, and that's what you learn to create in this post.
The most effective method to make a fruitful online networking video procedure

1. Make sure your video content is relevant to your marketing goals

Setting goals benefits both you and your audience before you start making videos. Goals give a clear path to what you want to achieve as well as how to strategize for it.
Here are the absolute most basic online networking advertising objectives:
  • Increase Domain Traffic
  • Promote conversion
  • Engage Your Audience
  • Spike your sales
After identifying what you want to achieve, decide on the appropriate type of video that will compliment your goals.
for example:
  • Brand and product videos are best for increasing sales and brand awareness.
  • Interviews with industry experts and influencers can build trust and increase the reach of your brand.
  • Animated videos and lists can boost brand engagement because they can make engagement rates easier and better.
  • To increase engagement and conversions, live-streaming videos prove to be effective.
  • If and how you want to increase your purpose conversions, engagement, and trust, then you can create an explanatory video of how. These are extremely valuable to the audience.

2. Make strategic decisions on the topic for every video

Once the goals are identified, it is time to create themes that resonate with your social media audience. If you zero-in on an influential and useful topic for your target audience, this would be great. Here are some strategies that you should practice to brainstorm for topics:

Strategy # 1: Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a huge amount of data on your website performance and traffic. By analyzing GA data, you can learn about the type of content that works best for your business.
Follow this GA roadmap to locate the data:
Behavior> Site Content> All Pages
At the end of the roadmap, you will encounter this report:
Google Analytics

The report includes all your web pages, their URLs and supplementary data. Pay attention to page views and specific page views; Pages with a large number of views symbolize the type of content that your audience finds attractive.

Strategy # 2: Competitive Research

Are you posting videos that provide no added value compared to your competitors?
Competitive research and analysis is important. This helps you achieve better strategy, better content creation and higher SERP rankings (than your competitor).
You can use a tool like BuzzSumo to learn about trending topics on the Internet. Open BuzzSumo, enter your original keyword, and click 'Search'.
For example, if you want to learn about the trending topics of 'content marketing'. Do a search on Buzzsumo, and here's what you'll find:
The most effective method to make a fruitful online networking video procedure

Break down each recorded website page and get thoughts for slanting subjects and make video content as needs be.

3. Tailor your videos by platform

Each video sharing platform operates separately, which makes it necessary for you to tailor your video. Also, post your video on the platform where most of your target audience resides.
For example, if your video's target audience is teens, Snapchat and Instagram are the ideal platform for video marketing.
In addition, remember that all video sharing platforms are competitive with each other; Therefore, do not share links but upload your videos separately for each platform.

4. Keep the video cut to size and don't forget to add subtitles.

Human attention is for 8 seconds, which is less than that of goldfish. Therefore, when making videos, try to get the attention of the audience within the first 8 seconds for high success rate.
In addition, 85% of the videos on Facebook are viewed with sound off. This is because they autoplay while people scroll through the feed. Therefore, with audio turned off, you have to deliver your message via subtitles.

5. Use Social Media Analytics Tools

Do you know how your videos are performing? Are they doing well or are they typing?
Which video received the most engagement? And, who got the most conversions?
To find data related to all these questions, marketers must believe in social media analytics tools. The purpose of such tools is to analyze your social media performance and suggest ways to promote it.
Some of the most popular social media analytics tools are:
  • Vidooly
  • Sprout social
  • Joho
  • Buffer

6. Focus on quality

I know, you are tired of hearing this, but quality is the most fundamental element to ensure the success of any strategy aligned with content.
Quality can never be ignored. If you complete all your plans with utmost attention and effort, but the quality of the material is not good, then your entire strategy may tank.
When creating your social mediavideo strategy, you should keep a few things in mind to improve the quality of your video:
  • Any video you create should impart some knowledge and be valuable to the audience.
  • Explain the concepts with the help of related examples.
  • Try to create an emotional angle and deliver your message in a story format.

The conclusion

Marketers can take advantage of video marketing and execute it to ensure paramount success; However, they must believe in the best screen and video recording software to do so.
When you create your video, I follow the strategies I mentioned above to make sure they stand out from the competition with an impressive engagement rate.
However, I still insist on 3 points:
  1. Keep your videos in bite size (which means short).
  2. Add subtitles to all your videos.
  3. Guarantee that it is wealthy in quality and grants information on each crowd.
If you still have any questions or suggestions on creating a successful social media video strategy, let me know about them in the comments section below.

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