Anubhav Sinha carries an apparently straightforward story with layers and layers of amazements that will make you rethink yourself. And, he has the excellent support of the entire cast, says a review of Our Slap Movie.
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  • The supporting cast stands out in the slap of Taseen Pannu.
  • Anubhav Sinha tells a simple story with the subtlety of its need.
  • This is the second time Anubhav Sinha is working with Taapsee Pannu. 

Amrita (Taapsee Pannu) imprisons herself in a corner of the house, contemplating what just happened. Hours before this, the same house was bustling with guests dancing on popular Punjabi tracks. And all that distracting noise was drowned out by the deafness of just a slap.

She sneaks into the living room, takes Pallu around her waist and secures her in the armpit, lifts up her hair and ties it in a tight, messy buns, and puts the furniture in the room in their original Starts moving back to the location. The camera stops and we see beads of sweat on her face in the dim light. The only sound in that scene is the banging of the bangles and the stiff banging of the couch.

Somethings can return to how they were, somethings can't.

The slap is a simple story of a high-middle class couple based in Delhi. The wife is questioning whether it is okay for her husband to slap her, even if it is a one-time affair. But slaps do not leave it to just one question. At the core of the story is the ego of a human, gender is irrelevant here. Anubhav Sinha lends a certain subtlety to the film that such a film needs. And seeing how subtlety has been lost in Hindi cinema (Bollywood, essentially), the slap makes you very slapped, which sends Taspe's Amrita back to consciousness.

The film's start-credits are particularly memorable. Like the last episode of Modern Love, Anubhav has written stories of different women - mother, mother-in-law, maid, neighbor, neighbor's 13-year-old daughter, brother's girlfriend and Amrita, and their various ages and lives. The idea of   love in stages. And then, all these stories are transformed into a house, where Amrita is drinking her first tea in the morning, with a sprig of lemongrass from her kitchen window and a generous pinch of crushed ginger.

Anubhav Sinha completes a trilogy with religion, caste and gender on Mulk (2018), Article 15 (2019) and now Slap. Two of these three have been in collaboration with Taapsee, and it is easily shown on screen by the director-actor duo.

Actor Taseep, a self-proclaimed director, does his part well after a pied Piper-esque Sinha. She portrays anger and helplessness at once through her eyes. Permanently torn eyelids on her forehead look like a child at times, but that's essentially what has come in Amrita's life - a bit of despair, not because she is losing her husband, but also because of her The husband does not leave her, surrounds her with clouds. . How can he not drown?

Pavel Gulati is quite a revelation, managing to join an ensemble that includes some of India's best artists today, and despite the script being Taseep-driven.

Like a lot of films in this group of content-driven cinema (no, that's not an appropriate name. Let's call them 'real' cinema), the supporting cast excels. Kumud Mishra (Amrita's father) is a man who stood up for his daughter when the society said, not a son. Ratna Pathak Shah (Amrita's mother) is thorny and rough around the edges, but you know why she is like that when you think that when you compromise shaadi mein, despite being a sensible husband, uni bhi kiye hai .

Tanvi Azmi (Amrita's relative) battles for her character inside a caring marriage, trusting that she is in excess of a spouse and a mother and somebody will hold her hand and advise her.  mother and someone will hold her hand and tell her. Dia Mirza (Amrita's neighbor) is a widow who is still madly in love because no man can ever match the man she has lost.

Maya Sarao (Amrita's divorce lawyer) is a tough divorce lawyer who is fighting for the right of an outsider woman, but struggles to come to terms with the fact that 'if Risha Rodeke is a parrot from Rocana Pade. Also, Geetika Vidya Ohlyan (Amrita's home assistance), caught between battling for essential self-respect and being beaten regularly by her husband, et al accepts fate, simply because 'if grown up in the house' What's the main '?

Naila Grewal (Amrita's brother's girlfriend / future sister-in-law) is awake, aware and strongly favored with the right, especially when she is truly the first woman to return Amrita, but finds herself against the wall at the realization Along with that he is a man, cannot understand where and why it hurts.

Towards the climax, Taapsee is given the huge responsibility of a monologue, with his entire family as the audience around him. It is her baby shower and she is in her husband's house only for Pooja, even divorce papers are being filed and stamped behind the camera. you cry. And also realize how monologues are actually done, as opposed to the way Karthik Aryan did.

However, the downside of the slap is that in the process of setting up Amrita's injury, it makes her completely complete. The strength that Amrita shows through her actions, we wish that she was smiling through her face and eyes as well. We wonder if Anabhova consciously wanted something, or if his vision was lost in translation.

In the last scene, Vikram says, "Issar bana kamunga is in you." The camera moves in opposite directions with a view of the two cars. Even if it looks a little wishy-washy, we thought it appropriate. Did Anubha fall in love with just one pose? no he has not. But earn it, you want.

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